Quality of Life Services

San Diego Vet2U In Home Euthanasia


A quality of life assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your pet’s physical and psychological state, and how they’re coping with age or disease. Just like humans, pets age and their bodies go through a variety of changes as they get older. The difficulty with aging pets is that they can’t communicate with us how their feeling. At San Diego Vet2You we specialize in treating mobility-related issues with pets.

An assessment can help a pet owner decide whether it’s time to alter the pet’s life style through medications, diets, life styles changes or if it’s time to consider euthanasia due to the quality of life decline of the pet.

Some of the factors that we look at are:

Appetite and Bodyweight: Has your pet stopped eating? Has there been any significant weight loss?
Mobility: How is your pet’s mobility? Can they move around as much as they used to? Do they need help getting around or up?
Hydration: Illness and mobility issues can prevent your pet from maintaining a normal hydration status. Dehydration can result in a host of negative effects such as nausea, lack of appetite, weakness, organ failure and death.
Pain: Dogs and cats do not always show that they’re in pain. Signs externally can be, limping, panting, trembling, pacing and unable to get comfortable.
Happiness: Has your pet’s behavior changed significantly? Changes in your pet’s normal daily routines are almost always significant and may indicate an unaddressed problem.
Breathing: Has your pet’s breathing pattern changed? A pet should not be struggling or making obvious effort to breathe.


At San Diego Vet2You we are open and honest regarding your pet’s condition. While in many scenarios euthanasia may seem like the only option, we will do everything within our power to improve your pet’s quality of life so long as it’s humane for the pet before we recommend euthanasia.

Along with medical and nutritional changes that can be made for a pet’s treatment for mobility. We also provide recommendations on life style changes to further help improve a pet’s quality of life. Some of the Life Style Changes we can make to improve your pet’s mobility are:

Dog Wheelie Chairs: Dogs with severe leg/joint issues can greatly benefit from wheelie chairs.
Non-Sliding Mats for Slippery Floors: Helps keep your dog safe from slipping or straining themselves on slippery services.
Dog Lifting Harnesses: A harness that makes it easy for pet owners to help their pet up.
Ramps: Helps pets with overcoming stairs. (Less stress on joints)
Dog Booties: Give your pet’s paws grip on surfaces.

Ultimately in the end though, the decision lies with you when it comes to your pet, a house visit from Dr. Susan Grove may help you understand all your options when it comes to your pet’s quality of life and end care.

Euthanasia: A decision to humanely end the life of a beloved pet by euthanasia is an indescribably feeling. Most people consider their pet’s family and naturally letting them go is never easy.

A trip to the veterinary office can be stressful for both the pet and owner. When the time comes to say goodbye to your pet, being able to do so in your home with a mobile vet can ensure a comfortable and peaceful transition for you, your family and pet.

San Diego Vet2You offers euthanasia services that will ensure your pet goes without pain or discomfort. Please don’t hesitate to call us to gather information and resources, discuss your options and talk about your decision.

Cremation: Deciding what to do with your pet’s body after euthanasia is a very personal decision. The question that comes next is whether to burry your loved one or go with cremation.

We can work with you to arrange transportation and cremation services for your pet if need be. We use Peaceful Paws – Pet Cremation & Memorial in San Diego, CA.

The process of transporting your beloved pet’s remains will be handle with the utmost respect and care.